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Hunter History

Hunter bothers FamilyThe Hunter Fan story stretches across the turn of two centuries, two world wars and the Great Depression. The company traces its origins back to 1886, when John Hunter and son James C. Hunter created the first water-driven ceiling fan in upstate New York.

Hunter original factory1Before long, Hunter Fan Company was shipping these rugged fans with hand-weighted and balanced blades by the boatload to India, the Far East and Africa as well as across the United States.

Explore some of the key events in Hunter’s heritage:


James C. Hunter buys an interest in the Tuerk Water Meter Company of Syracuse, NY.
Here the first water-driven fans are developed—and the ceiling fan is invented.


The Hunter family buys out the remaining interest of the Samuel Tuerk Company. The company name is changed to Hunter Fan & Motor Company. The era of the modern ceiling fan begins with the production of the alternating current Tuerk Type A in Fulton, NY.


Hunter Fan & Motor Company produces its first “shaded pole” motor for alternating current, with a motor initially supplied by General Electric. This basic motor design is still in production today.


The Hunter Fan & Motor Company expands its fan line to include oscillating desk fans, initially purchasing motors for the fans from General Electric.


The Hunter Fan & Motor Company purchases the fan division of Century Electric Company in St. Louis, MO. Production begins on large pedestal fans as well as direct and belt-driven exhaust fans. In 1938, the company’s name is changed to The Hunter Fan and Ventilating Company. Attic fan production begins.


Hunter introduces energy-efficient room air-conditioner units with rotary compression technology to a growing base of warehouse home centers. Sales reach $25 million by 1989.


In 1993, Hunter introduces a range of portable air purifiers with best-in-class clean air delivery rates. In 1997, Hunter introduces portable room humidifiers with a patented metal wick fed by a pump with all-plastic, antimicrobial-protected parts.


Hunter introduces decorative bath fans, collectible all-metal portable fans, the Five Minute ceiling fan, the Auto Balance fan and the Concert Breeze—the world’s first fan with an integrated high-definition audio system.


By 2009, Hunter has offices in three countries and retail outlets worldwide.


Hunter Timeline Installation at Hunter Fan Company Headquarters


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The Hunter Classic Original - A Timeless Icon of Design

Front porch 5 Hunter Original outdoor ceiling fanIn the age of disposability, few products have earned the right to be called classics.

Rest assured, the Classic Original® is one of them. With an indestructible cast iron housing and unique oil bath lubrication system, this fan has changed little in decades.

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