Saturday, June 22, 2024

About Hunter Ceiling Fans & Lighting

The first ceiling fan is born.

Tuerk-adIn 1886, James C. Hunter buys an interest in the Tuerk Water Meter Company of Syracuse, NY. and proceeds to invent the very first water-powered, belt-driven ceiling fan with whirling blades (just two blades at first). Welcome to the world, life-changing invention!

In 1896 Hunter bought out the remaining interest of the Samuel Tuerk Company and changed its name to the Hunter Fan & Motor Company. As a nod to the Turek Electric Motor, which the Hunters developed, they introduced a new ceiling fan that runs on alternating current: the “Turek Type A.”  The fan’s a hit, and as electricity becomes more widely available, the era of the modern ceiling fan begins.

hunter ad 1In 1986 to celebrate the company's 100th year anniversary, Hunter introduced a replica of the Tuerk ceiling fan, called the 1886. A similar retro 60 inch two bladed fan in midas black finish is currently available. This fan is ideal for turn of the century setting.

The Hunter Classic Original - A Timeless Icon of Design

Front porch 5 Hunter Original outdoor ceiling fanIn the age of disposability, few products have earned the right to be called classics.

Rest assured, the Classic Original® is one of them. With an indestructible cast iron housing and unique oil bath lubrication system, this fan has changed little in decades.

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