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About Casablanca Ceiling Fans & Lighting

The Casablanca Story - Maker of the World's Finest Ceiling Fans

Flip through the pages of a Casablanca catalog, and certain things become apparent: Casablanca fans are made with exceptional quality. And each product has its own distinct personality. This is because every Casablanca product is a reflection of the people who have created it. From founder Burton A. Burton to our customer service team, the Casablanca brand has been shaped by the passion, creativity, and dedication of the personalities behind it.

The history of the Casablanca brand is as legendary and colorful as the products themselves. It began in 1974, when entrepreneur Burton A. Burton first entered the United States ceiling fan market with a belt-driven ceiling fan created for commercial use. Growth in the consumer ceiling fan market, stimulated by the energy crisis of the mid 1970s, soon led the Casablanca Fan Company into the residential market. Here the brand’s product innovation, exceptional quality, and distinctive decorative designs, coupled with unique marketing, trade and consumer promotions, and memorable advertising, quickly established Casablanca as a leading manufacturer of premium consumer products.

Today, Casablanca stands alone in its approach to timeless design, engineering, and manufacturing of ceiling fans. Every detail of each fan is given meticulous attention and embodies our long-term commitment to quality. Created from the highest quality parts, each Casablanca fan is designed to be a classic fixture in the home that provides beauty and comfort day in and day out, year after year.